Best Health Travel is a platform for medical travel abroad in Europe with personal assistence.

Alternative healing

In this overview of alternative medicine and doctors / therapists, you can easily select the appropriate handler found on his or her specialty.

Medical Specialists

You will find a selection of doctors for gynaecology, orthopaedics (hips/knees), urology, eyes, dentists and more other specialists.

Clinics & Hospitals

You will find the exclusive clinics for medical care and treatments worldwide.

Travel Agencies

You will find here a selection of organized travel agents, for advice from medical tourism, health, wellness and other travel agencies, airlines, rent a car.

Beauty & Cosmetic

You will find the exclusive beauty clinics for aesthetic and plastic surgery, obesity, hair, anti-aging and more...


You will find exclusive Wellness hotels, Thermen, Spa and Wellness centres worldwide.

Health Care Products

You will find a selection of fitness, relax, medicines & medical equipments, insurances and health information.

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