Czech tourism

What are the Czech  tourist regions?  They are not any official administrative units; they are simply parts of the country offering a certain kind of tourism, which connects the individual elements of the region (such as its geography, nature, history and culture) and, simultaneously, distinguishes it from other areas.

For example, one region may be ideal for wine lovers or cyclists, while another will please people who love hiking and skiing in the mountains. To give you a basic orientation tour, join us on a virtual trip along the individual Czech tourist regions; hopefully, you'll find lots of inspiration here for a future visit.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Fletcher Group

Bij Fletcher Hotel Group vindt u 3- en 4-sterren hotels op de mooiste locaties in Nederland. Voor goedkope Last Minutes en unieke hotelarrangementen bent u bij Fletcher aan het juiste adres.



Location: Nieuwegein, Netherlands.



One moment you could be relaxing on the warm golden sands of a Mediterranean beach, the next you could be camel trekking in the Sahara.

From luxurious thalassotherapy sessions to some of the world’s finest surviving Roman ruins, there’s so much more to Tunisia.

Location: Bruxelles, Belgium.


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